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Featured Project: Green Minute - Recycle

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Green Minute - Recycle

I created this video for the SMU Green Minute Video contest. The requirements to create a minute-long video that would promote sustainability for the SMU community. With the help of my musically adept friend, Drew Taylor, I completed this project and won second place in the contest!


This animation was made after I had completed my Cubone animation. I realized I could do a bit more of the World of Warcraft / Pokémon clashing, complete with overworld movement and a Pokemon battle! This took me a week to complete with at at least 45 hours in Microsoft Paint and Photoshop CS4. I made sure no detail was left out, from the fight animations to the tall grass that shows over the Trainer as he walks through it. I used the original Pallet Town and recolored it. Also, I made the Jormungar from scratch.

Dedicated to Zaurora, the Jormungar Trainer!

Billy Goes to School

This was a project for my HNET Course at SMU, the assignment involving the creation of an immersive form of multimedia. I created this website with my partner, Huanlu Chen. The goal of the website was to create an interactive website that followed a children's story: a story of a boy named Billy as he attends school. As the user navigates the page, he hears the story read out by yours truly. The user chooses what Billy does throughout his day and the user's choices affect what happens to Billy. Unlike most children's stories, children may witness what happens when you make bad choices!

Kids can learn from online mistakes! was a website I worked on in the SMU STARS Program. They requested a simple, professional welcome page for the SMU Psychology Department's online survey, studying relationships.

About Me

I am a student at Southern Methodist University, where I am studying Computer Science with a specialization in Bioinformatics. I aim to participate in the 4+1 Program in the SMU Lyle School of Engineering in which I will complete my four years of undergraduate study and an additional year for my Masters degree. I work for the SMU STARS Program.

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