Twenty Years after Doom: John Carmack on the Future of Engineering Virtual Worlds – SMU Lyle Tech Events

Twenty Years after Doom: John Carmack on the Future of Engineering Virtual Worlds


JC (106)


On Friday, April 25, 2014 at 4:00 PM CST, John Carmack will speak at Southern Methodist University.


Carmack co-founded id Software where he built the graphics engines powering Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, each of which revolutionized the gaming industry.


Named to the MIT Technology Review’s 35 Under 35, Time Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Technology, and inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame, John’s contributions and commitment to fostering open-source communities has inspired a generation of young people to become computer scientists and engineers.


Now, as the Chief Technology Officer of Oculus VR, he works on the Rift with the goal of once again revolutionizing the way we experience games.


The event is free and open to the public and RSVP is not needed, so please join us to hear from one of the most important technologists of the modern era, as he takes questions from the audience, reflects on his life, and discusses the future of interactive entertainment.


For directions to the Lyle School of Engineering’s Caruth Hall Ground Floor Auditorium, visit the school’s directions page.


Unfortunately, live streaming or Tweeting of the event will not be permitted (sorry!), however a recording of the talk will be available at this YouTube link.


18. April 2014 by Mohammad Jhaveri
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  1. I really hope a recording of this talk will be made available!

  2. Working on it 🙂

  3. I beg you to make a recording

  4. 2nd that. Please record it? Or, better yet broadcast it live.

  5. Looking forward to it,

  6. Once you have setup the recording, could you post a notification, along with the link? I am very interested, but am afraid I cannot make it. Thanks a lot.

  7. Yes please record it!

  8. I’m looking forward to this more than the next Game of thrones episode, and I freakin’ love that show.

  9. Please post the recording! 🙂

  10. Recording will be made and posted on this page – keep an eye out!

  11. Recording please – thanks!

    Please don’t make cuts or shortened – i want to see it all even if it takes 5 hours – john carmack is sometimes revealing that’s why he’s interesting to watch.

  12. Livestream link ASAP? It’s starting in a few hours!

  13. Really looking forward to watching this! Can’t wait for that video post.

  14. Will the video be up soon?

  15. Hi everyone! The talk went very well. Working on getting the video up as soon as possible, please bare with us. It should be sometime around early next week.

  16. Where is the video? I have been continually checking since yesterday.

  17. Please post the video of the talk

  18. How long does it take to post a video? You guys are killing me

  19. Is there an ETA on the video?

  20. c’mon c’mon where’s the video?!?! c’mon!

  21. Where is the video?

  22. Need. Video. Now.

  23. So you left the lens cap on right ?

  24. Go! Go! Go! []-)

  25. Any updates on Johns Video/Audio file?

  26. How is this not posted yet? It’s a recording, it takes 30 minutes to encode and upload to Youtube.

  27. Still waiting for video!!!

  28. ETA please?

  29. Hope to share the link on Friday May 2, 2014 🙂
    Thanks for your patience everyone!

  30. How long now?

  31. So it looks like ZeniMax own the copyright on John’s words to… 8 (

  32. Hi Everyone! I haven’t forgotten, just kindly ask for your patience a little bit longer… Unfortunately it looks like we might not have it by tonight, but believe me we are all doing our best to share this with the community ASAP 🙂

    • Unless there’s a VFX team scrambling to insert CGI orcs into the video, it should take no more than a few hours of relatively straightforward work to edit and publish this thing.

      Patience would come easier if we knew *why* it’s taking so long.

  33. My patience overflew and is once more a positive number.

  34. “…we are all doing our best…” somehow i doubt that 😛 in this day and age the whole operation should’t take more than 50 clicks man

    • Yeah, I doubt it too. They *really* need to hurry up – You simply can’t keep people waiting when it’s a John Carmack talk 😀

  35. I hope the delay isn’t because you have to edit the video. I’m sure everyone here just wants the raw footage and nothing left out.


    • I’m always disappointed when I watch a talk and they left out the Q&A, edited out inbetween questions or even worse they thought a shorter talk would attract more viewers, so they edited out parts that seemed to be unnecessary.
      Let’s just hope it will be soon up, uncut 🙂

  36. i agree with david wright.

  37. There’s either some Oscar winning editing going on or they’re waiting for legal clearance on something…

  38. Hi, Looking forward to the video. It’s been nearly 2 weeks?

  39. Shortly, on Friday, just release the un-edited video I just want to know what M.Carmack had to say!!

  40. Ummm, something is definitely wrong if they keep saying it will be released on date x and it doesn’t happen

  41. For those of you that can not wait any longer here’s some slides that very briefly sum up the talk:

    As for you Mohammad Jhaveri, you seem to be responsible for putting the talk up… with that attitude you will have a very bad time on the jobs market if you’re still a student.

  42. So I think people need to be a little bit more patient. Things like this aren’t quite as simple as just uploading your personal video to youtube. Typically these things require coordination between multiple groups and can require approval of multiple people. These groups and people often work M-F 8-5 and most often you are not on the top of their priority list.

    Mohammad has been actively communicating the status of things and I’m sure the video will be up as soon as the process allows.

    • Coordination for what?

      I mean, I can accept that there needs to be some editing work (although, most people here would prefer the raw footage), but unless you’re doing high-end CGI effects, this shouldn’t take more than a day, even if the task is performed by less than competent people.

      Also, I don’t know how you define “actively communicating the status of things”, but simply informing us that “it’s going to take more time” is not sufficient to qualify as meaningful information.

      *WHY* is it taking so long?

      That’s the core question.

    • The public sees this as a simple job of uploading the video on youtube. It might be more complicated behind the scenes but we have no idea because no one is talking. It’s just a video, but letting us know what’s taking so long could garner some good will. It’s 2014, we can handle transparency.

      • its not more complicated than that.. do you think smu has a special youtube page that takes 14 days to upload the video. or that smu has a line of command that they have to go through for legal reasons…. ITS A LECTURE, WITH A VIDEO GAME GUY. just POOOOOST IT.

  43. So, where is the video mmm?

  44. Absolutely ridiculous that it’s taking this long. Hurry up!

  45. Just another daily check in. Maybe I should just ask john on twitter, maybe he’ll now.

    • yea or just get carmack to do the whole talk again on a youtube live stream and bypass this whole non efficient smu thing.

  46. Any update?


  47. Any idea as to an ETA?

  48. How is this not released yet?

  49. Hi, any idea when the recording is going to be uploaded? Thank you.

  50. would be great to see the video.

  51. Really!?!

  52. So is it possible this is being held up for some kind of zenimax legal reasons? Maybe oculus doesn’t want any of his comments being used against the company in the upcoming legal battle?

    Kinda silly though, I’m sure a transcript of the talk exists somewhere…

  53. The talk never happened. SMU is holding Carmack hostage.

  54. This is beyond a joke, it wouldn’t be so bad if that hadn’t banned streaming / tweeting – from a public event… BTW – If anyone’s going to Michael Abrash’s talk tomorrow please, for the love of god – take a dictaphone !

  55. -believable… If you need help with encoding/uploading… please ask.

  56. Haven’t heard about the Michael Abrash talk either, I would like to get some details too if possible 🙂

  57. What with the hold-up Mohammad? Come on dude, get off your ass. 🙂

  58. How long until the recording will be up?

  59. Guys?? C’mon! 🙂

  60. you know what forget it, I’m done with checking this site daily. NEXT TIME DON’T PROMISE THINGS YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF DELIVERING.

  61. Even my vast intellect is unable to grasp why this is taking so long!

    – John Carmack

  62. Abrash + LaValle talks:

    Sadly I doubt we’ll get a recording of these, or most future “education outreach” events either, better get used to it guys… 8 (

  63. If the video does take too long for whatever reason, please at least post a transcript of it.
    I just want to know what carmack had to say.
    I would have come personally to his talk if it weren’t for the thousands of miles between me and SMU..

    • My statements were, indeed, Earth-shattering. The sooner this video is uploaded, the sooner your standard intellects can begin the long process of comprehension.

      – John Carmack

  64. any time now~

  65. Hey can anyone confirm that the Abrash talk is going to be recorded? Just want to prepare myself for the coming disappointment when it is never uploaded.


  66. Hi everyone… I am definitely still here as I read (and moderate) all of your comments… Right now, unfortunately, I don’t have news to share and can’t really comment other than I’m hoping it will be available soon. I’m deeply sorry to all of you who have been patiently waiting and hope you will forgive me for any shortcomings on my end. Please just bear with us a bit longer.

  67. @Mohammad Jhaveri,
    Just give us some reason.

  68. I think it is obviously not your fault, you gave updates and are still here.I can imagine being in your situation kind of in between us and who decide when or what will be shared. At this point I think we know its not your fault so dont worry!

  69. is it being encoded on a 386?

  70. Yeah don’t feel bad, nobody thinks this is your fault. The reason people are upset is because there is clearly some other reason why this hasn’t been uploaded yet.

    If you came out and said who specifically is holding up the release and why, people would calm down.

  71. Considering Oculus is being sued alleging that Carmack stole intellectual property and worked on Rift while at Zenimax, I’m guessing Oculus is doing a careful a review before allowing this to be published.

  72. This was a PUBLIC event, every one could have recorded it and uploaded it. No one should have the power to hold that recording back.

    • There is a difference between an event that is open to the public to attend and an event that is in the public domain. Often universities pay for speakers to attend or use talks to generate goodwill toward their brand so it should not be surprising that they would not allow people to record it.

  73. Also: what about the Abrash talk ?

  74. Yahoo for abrash talk! Why can’t Johns this talk be that easy.

    • The most likely reason is that Abrash has a talk, a practiced speech that has been written, reviewed, and approved prior to him delivering it. As he mentions during the preamble of his talk that he may have to read parts of it.

      John Carmack spills forth a stream of consciousness into the auditory medium, Take a look at any of his previous Quakecon talks, he just starts talking and finishes 3 hours later. Add the fact that he is highly opinionated and not afraid to speak negatively about something he thinks is subpar of and you have nervous marketing and management teams that would want approval of what gets released from the talk.

      • I dont entirely get that. Just because Carmack would say something negative about something or someone, why would that fall back onto SMU, just because the talk was coincidentally there ? :/

        Even if it were THAT controversial, all they would have to do is post a note saying that SMU doesnt necessarily agrees with Carmacks opinions on every topic (which should be common sense anyway)

        • Just because the talk was at SMU doesn’t mean they have full rights to the talk. It’s possible that when the talk was planned John’s company Oculus/Facebook reserved the right to approve any published content. If that is the case it would help explain the long amount of time required to get an upload done since cross company coordination is SLOW.

  75. I feel like dying of thirst in the desert waiting

  76. Can we get any kind of statement on why the recording hasn’t been made available? Just say it’s for legal reasons if that’s the case.

  77. still not up and not giving the reason. Call me a cynic, but that sounds like legal departments are at work…

  78. Any developments?

  79. 3 weeks. three. THREE.

  80. :<

  81. Any news?

  82. So… we could use an update.

    We know it’s not your fault, but you could at least tell us whats going on

  83. Please give us an update. We have been more than patient, visiting here every day for the last three weeks… If its legal related then say that. If someone forgot to hit the record button then say that. Be honest.

  84. This is simply getting ridiculous. I’m not blaming you, Mohammad for this but everyone who is responsible for creating this video. I have had to work with a lot of lazy-ass students on some videos but I have never worked with people that are this unreliable. I know it takes some time to examine, edit and publish such a video… But one month is absurd.

    I really hope that you will make it clear to these people that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

  85. Hey, it’s been over a month. Could we get an update on the status of the talk?

  86. I’m sorry everyone, the only update I have is that I still do not have a link to share with the video. I don’t have any timeframe either. I’m so sorry I can’t be more specific than that. 🙁

    • Then, could you tell us who is responsible for uploading the talk?
      Maybe if a few of us ask him/her directly it would speed up the process?
      I just want to know why Abrash’s talk is up in no time and Carmack’s still isn’t after over 3 weeks.
      I know, I haven’t paid any money for this or have any right to demand anything. But still, not knowing why the talk is withheld bothers me the most.
      If Oculus or Facebook intervened, only knowing that would be great so I knew where to go next.

  87. Alright well, at this point it seems clear that you/the talk is being suppressed by “The Man”, whatever legal power it is.
    So no sweat, but if there is no chance at all anymore, let us know.

    I think it might be that… during a trial neither party is allowed to talk about the trial to outsiders right ? Something like that

    • Video not being released is certainly connected to Zenimax suit. As suit can take even years to resolve, I suggest to instead view one of Carmack’s many videos on Youtube.

  88. Still looking forward to this 🙂

  89. This is ridiculous, you guys are clearly incompetent.

  90. Talk of the talk being posted online is pure vapourware

  91. It’s now June and the video of the talk is not here.

    If you’re going to ban public recording of the session and then fail to post the promised footage, I think it’s shameful.

    Even worse is the complete lack of a reason for the delay.

  92. What a clusterfuck…

  93. “Since the question keeps getting asked — no, I am not going to be at Quakecon this year. My 2.5 hr talk at SMU should still be released.” – John Carmack


    • looking forward to watching this in my oculus rift, which will be 3rd or 4th generation by the time this video is released.

  94. ANY UPDATES???? it’s been 2 months now

  95. This needs to be released!!!

  96. Still hoping for a release, please provide an update so we can keep the flame alive or start digging a ditch.

    Whoa, on re-reading that sounds wrong, the ditch is in reference to the hope.

  97. By the time this speech comes out, multiple VR headsets will be out, and the words will be totally redundant, made inferior by direct experience through the products.

  98. You guys really dropped the ball on this one. Its not cool to lie to the public

  99. If I have to insult the SMU on this post regularly until the video gets released, I’ll gladly do so.

    • it might be a good idea to tweet Carmack multiple times asking him who is holding up the video… best guess is that Oculus threatened SMU and demanded not to release it after the lawsuit from Bethesda was made public… the people at the talk mentioned he discussed a lot about the foundations of Oculus and his early contributions when it was still in a shoe box… guessing that it could be used as ammunition in the lawsuit… as a result i don’t expect to see this talk released anytime in the next 7-8 months as Bethesda and Facebook fight it out

      • He said what he had to say and I’m the one who quoted him here. Is it so hard for the SMU to just say there’s a delay for legal reasons?

        The SMU doesn’t even have the courage to say there’s legal business in the way? They probably want people to forget. Well, F that. And F the SMU if that’s the case.

        • you seem to be a bit of a moron, of course an institution isn’t going to come out and say something like that, just out of respect for Carmack and not wanting to put him in an awkward situation/make him angry – the hold up clearly occurred right when Bethesda sued Oculus – and at least the students involved in organizing this talk have been extremely humble and apologetic in trying to work something out to get this published… some of you really have some anger issues or know nothing about how civilized people try to resolve disputes, particularly when there is a long-term relationship between a school and a prominent individual like John Carmack is at stake…

  100. go silence huh?

  101. The community DEMANDS an answer as to why this video has not been release !

  102. Well,they have a twitter account:

    And a facebook account:

    They should just put something in this page telling when the video is going to be uploaded.It is a lack of professionalism not to doing so.

  103. hi everyone, thank you all SO much for the patience and I’m so sorry for the delays and any shortcomings on my end, the talk is now up on YouTube –

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