My Plan

Over the next four years, I plan to have a double major in art and advertising with a minor in psychology. I will use my art and advertising majors to benefit each other, using talent from each to make the other unique. I will then use my psychology minor to understand the human brain and connect it with advertising. I will also practice other skills such as networking, leadership and determination. I agree with the Blog 6 assignment where it says “The point here is NOT that you should know now everything you need to know about your career.  This is just practice. Sometimes you can only start by finding an ending.” This is significant to me because I know my ending. I know where I want to end up career wise, so, I just need to plan how to get there. I believe that through completing my majors at SMU, practicing my skills listed above, learning through internships and researching job opportunities that are relevant to me will help me achieve my goal and hopefully end up working for the Disney Design Group or the Disney Yellow Shoes Creative Group. I have begun collecting what qualities these companies look for and have started working towards them. Although I am preparing myself to be a desirable candidate for these companies, I have also learned from this course that I need to prepare myself for rejection as well. I believe I will acquire thick skin through being denied internships. I plan to use this to my advantage as motivation to better myself so I can help these companies I care for so much.

Elevator Pitch

Hello, my name is Michelle Sensale. I am a two and three dimensional artist specializing in graphic design and sculpture. Although these two areas of art are quite different, I use my experience with each of these to enhance both areas of art. I would like to use this unique combination of art to help others advertise their work and creations to the public. If you have any questions about what I do, feel free to contact me!


Please give feed back!


After reading the assigned material I have been asking myself what motivates me for days now. Every time I feel the need to do something, I have asked myself, why? So far, I have discovered that I am most motivated when it comes to school work. I believe this is because I have had a very specific future for myself planned for a long time. I am currently an art major, applying to be a double major in advertising as well. Throughout high school I have been taking classes that I feel will help me be a desirable candidate to advertising agencies to get a job I find enjoyable. I am continuing this process at SMU, and am enrolled in many classes to help me reach my goal and dream job. If everything went my way, one day, I would work for Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group. When I think of motivation, I honestly mostly just envision this workplace, and how badly I would like to work there. Everything about it is perfect, for me. Part of what motivates me within my artwork is what I love. For example, I would enjoy working with Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group because I have always had a very strong love for Disney. When I sculpt, a lot of my work has to do with media I love to work with and memories I love. When I am assigned to work with media I especially enjoy, my motivation increases even more.

two and three dimensional artist