A plan for my future. At the moment, my future seems far to distant to worry about, but I’ll try to explicate what my ideas are for my future. After graduating college, I plan to move to either Chicago or New York, and attempt to find some work. Rather than choose some specific line of […]

Always Learning

October 17, 2012

I will never stop learning skills. That is my plan, and it’s always been my plan. I enjoy learning new things and every new thing I learn can help me in my craft. I am an Actor. I want to do it as a career, so I will always be learning more about acting. I […]

The # of Trees

September 19, 2012

Before I go into any blather about motivations, let me say something that happened today. I was on the return trip of my walk, when I began hearing soulful music which matched the night personally. I actually remarked to myself: “Wow, my life really is a movie.” I assumed this was my soundtrack playing. I […]


September 12, 2012

My values? That’s an interesting question. By that, I mean I don’t understand the question. I just checked on dictionary.com and it said that a value was the relative worth, so I’ll go with that. What do I think is worth something? Life. I value life, the bad as well as the good. I believe […]

New photo courtesy of Jason Moody Photography


Lost in My Mind

September 5, 2012

What’s wrong with a little distraction? That’s what I ask. My mind tends to wander, and I’ve found that without a little distraction, it wanders far, far away. For me to understand, to comprehend something, I need several ideas flying at me at once. I suppose that’s why music calms me down when I’m doing […]

The Story of an Aspiring Hero

August 28, 2012

I was born on November 8, 1993. I was born the middle of two boys to two engineer parents. That sentence right there has a lot to do with who I became over the years. Being born the middle child, I became what is referred to as the forgotten child. What that basically means is […]