Some Act of Vision

The Sierra Club’s article on Some Act of Vision.

2015 Sweet review of Some Act of Vision on Canadian blog, Livres et Biscuits. Thanks, Malak!

Interview with Lori over at Kelsey’s Book Corner pre-release of SOME ACT OF VISION.

Book Release for SOME ACT

Book Release for SOME ACT


Song of the Orange Moons

Read Song of the Orange Moons Book Review by Rain Taxi

“…To be clear, after a quotation such as that, Song of the Orange Moons is not a thriller—except in the way that all coming-of-age stories are scary and exhilarating—but there is an intensity behind each of author Lori Ann Stephens’s carefully chosen words that makes this short yet still sprawling history of three females so enjoyable to read.”

Goodreads Reviews (They’re juicy. Check them out here.)

Articles and Interviews:

Essay  for Glimmer Train Stories: “Wrangling with Characters”

excerpt: “…Many writers are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of first and third person narration. First person can depict a character too closely and limit your character’s knowledge of the world outside her sphere of perception, but third person can create too much distance between your character and your reader, resulting in emotional dearth, a soulless story. ”

Interview with Parking Lot Confessional: “My Writing Line”

excerpt: “…Like most young writers, I wanted to surround myself with talented, sincere, critically astute, yet appropriately doting writers who would stroke my ego and stab me in the heart all in one smooth movement. I was ready to sacrifice myself for art.”

Interview by Kathleen M Rodgers about books, family, and other things. Rare family photos!

excerpt: “Besides writing novels, you also write librettos. For those of us who are not musically inclined, can you explain this process? What are the challenges of writing a libretto over the challenges of writing the long-story form – the novel?”

Interview on Brittany Rochelle’s website, The Write Stuff

excerpt: “7) When you’ re writing, what do you have to have next to you?

A glass of Malbec.  My partner, love of my life, he’s in charge of refills.”

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