For this blog I want to focus more on the skills I want to have when I am graduating from college.

First and foremost I want to be able to problem solve. College is so much about learning how and why and the information to do things and so much of solving problems in front of you. This skill is a universal skill that can help out in many situations and that can even save your life from time to time. As an artist, problem solving comes in handy everyday of your life. I want to be able to have the confidence to walk into any gig or situation and know if something went sour or left on me that I could and would be able to fix it or even use it to my advantage.

Next I want the skill of entrepreneurship and really good marketing. As someone who is selling them self, and all that I can do, I want to be able to have the knowledge and resources to effectively reach the market base that I am targeting and being able to get myself known to the public eye.

On the real note, I want to be in shape. Physically and emotionally speaking, I want to be fit with the healthy mindset and body of who I am. Physically working out is a nice stress reliever and I want to get better at it. Eating right and training the self-control lever inside my body is also a nice personal conquest and journey that I am still traveling.

Creativity is so crucial to being an artist and an entrepreneur. I never want to stop pushing my creativity limit and never keep the height of my bar that I am jumping the same. Creativity can make or break you in a business that is all about “new, innovative, talented, unique, crazy, and wild” ideas that set you apart from other artists, and businesses. On the basic level, I want to write at least once per day. Writing is a way of expressing my ideas that I might think through and just forget the next minute and if I could write everyday then maybe one day I would come across a very creative idea that I have never thought of before.

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In class we have been asked to make a rough draft for an elevator pitch for ourselves. This technique is to help us promote ourselves and our art with the people we run into everyday. So here I go my first attempt on my EP:

I remember being a kid and my grandpa telling me stories. Time after time I relished in those stories and always wanted to tell my friends the same story but I could never really tell it the same. Therefore, acting is the vessel I use to tell my story. Want to hear it?

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I am motivated by things that have an impact in my life.
One of my motivations is myself. As humans, we get up everyday, an look at ourselves in a mirror. We are constantly trying to improve things around us and us ourself. I am motivated that every time I go to that mirror I can see a new thing about myself that I didn’t see before. This isn’t always a physical mirror but as well as a spiritual mirror and metaphorical mirror at that. Why not be a human being who makes life better for the people around him or her and in result effects his or her own life? There is this deep longing of something more out there that I know every person has felt before once in their life. Deep in the inside of their being that is gnawing and clawing at them trying to climb its way out into existence. The exact feeling is something I have everyday when I wake up. That today is different because “there it is, knocking on the door inside of my heart,” I know I can be better, but not just that, I can live more! My motivation is too live more! Experience life in such a way that you actually love and listen to the people around you. Take them in, and all the while breathe in air to awake your lungs for another day. And living more isn’t always about the “I” or the “me” but I believe it is about others so naturally that when that is fulfilled the “I” and “me” are taken care of. When a true act of service takes place then does life become a motivation to keep living. Who says acting isn’t living? What is the difference a stage? I want my work to be able to transcend barriers of race, life, money, hate, intellect, and so much more that I can be able to pass on the joy of life to others who see my work. I believe if your goal is too big then you are on to something!

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My values start deep within me. At the core is my faith. This factor is connected to every part of me. What I believe affects how I think, talk, and do. My faith is a center weight that holds me up and together. Some say that faith is for the weak and I agree. Humanity is a weak race. We mess things up and break things all the time! I find hope and comfort in my beliefs. It drives me to keep going in pursuing my career. It helps me get back up when I get knocked down. My second value that I keep clsoe to my heart is family. I was raised with a big family and I have come to realize how important the bond of family is. They help you out whenever and unconditionaly they lend out their hand and they always listen. I know one day when I have my own family I will compromise and sacrafice for them and I am ok with it. Just like delayed gratification I know that it will all pay off. I value honesty and I want to work with people who will be honest in all they do. Honest in business and honest in relationship. My values are things that circumstances can’t change becuase though circumstacnes come like the winds of the desert my values are like the sun constant and always on time. “If you do not stand for anything you will fall for anything.” This is a quote that I see throughout my generation taking place, and it makes me even stand stronger for what I believe in and to keep going. I value face to face time with people that I love. There is no substitute for having a conversation with a human face to face, and no skype, facetime, or webcam that can duplicate it either. I love the fact that I have five senses and I get to experience life in such a glorious way. In all things I will hold up these values and I also know that values change over time. I am 21 years old and when I am 42 years old I will see things in a different light I just know it. But I am open to this because life has a way to lead you to what you need wherever you are. Art is value. Humanity is value. I want to be able to create art that marries both art and humanity and as it meshes them together you get a product that changes lives! Art is revolutionary!

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Habits De Work

We all love to be creative.
Some of my work habits are traditional some are non traditional. I like a good desk when I concentrate because of the back support and the availability to spread my content all over where my eyes can see. For example, if I am writing a paper I like to take all my sources and text and lay it before my eyes so I know what I am working with. I like to work with good atmospheres. I need a place to keep me going and not lull me asleep. I love to study with someone else because the association of the other person and what we do will make recalling the information much easier. For example, running and remembering lines for a show. I will do this activity with another person. I remember so much easier when I see their face and hear the text being spoken rather than my imagination doing the talking in my head. Or I even do push ups or do wild movement while reciting the lines to make sure they are in my body as well as in my head. So if I blank in my head and I cross over the movement with my body I might remember from that! Overall, I need to feel good about myself when I am working. When in the right state of mind I think humans can access more of their brains, than what they already use, when they are just happy. Most of my motives work practicing are long term based. What will I use this for in the future, and how will it pay me back. I know that one day I will need to use one of many skills in a tool box of mine and I will have to recall it. So why not practice it early?

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My History

Everyone has a start and everyone has a beginning.
Some people come into this world and the very instance they know what they want from it and what they want to give to it. Some its being a fireman, some an astronaut, and others have a passion to cure all the sick animals by becoming a vet. Knowing where you come from is a vital tool of knowing who you are. All things in life have shaped and pushed me into wanting to become an actor, and accidentally or forcefully have gotten me where I am now.  So I begin, this is a story of me.

First and foremost, I grew up in a family of eight people. I have a father, mother and then three sisters and two brothers. People called us the Brady Brunch. I just called us a “tribe.” Family has always been a huge factor in my life because I have always been surrounded by it. I was never home alone or left with a quiet house and if I was it was a rarity for sure. I am the fourth child of the kids therefore I am stuck right in the middle. I often think I came to “the business, of show business” because being that middle child you felt sometimes you were just left out. So the solution? Just start dancing or singing and create a ruckus so my family would be reminded that I was there. This is where my art churned and became glorious! I perfected the shimmy and doubled up “the look.” Always being outgoing and up with energy I soon learned that I loved an audience.

This audience factor led me a new way though before into the theatre and on the camera. It led me to become an athlete. My father loved sports and I took up basketball, soccer, baseball, and other activities right away when I was able to. Sports also left its imprint on my life and I see today where these sports have helped tremendously on  an audition or even in just being useful to get a part. Sooner or later I would be in high school and it was there, in my freshman year, that I was exposed to “the stage.” I was burnt out on sports and looking for a new thing, a new passion. By then I was already picking up my guitar and and writing songs left and right. Becoming a singer song writer was the best therapeutic idea I have ever done! I don’t plan to stop anytime soon either. So picking around on my guitar and still trying to make it in the high school realm of being labeled a jock I took an “Intro” to theatre course that changed my path forever. From there on I knew that this whole entertaining thing was for me. This led me through the door of the high school drama kid’s life. From rehearsal to the yearly musical. From the get go I was placed right into the fire and had to learn quick on my feet. For example, my first play ever I was accidentally pushed off stage and took a whole food cart with me (the whole next scene was about the food cart) and from then on I learned what improvisation was. I was hooked. I loved it, and every part of it drew me closer to itself. Theatre became a passion that never dwindled, and even when I hated it, which I did at times, I knew that I couldn’t get away. The saying is really true, “you do it because you love to.”

From there I have been auditioning and pushing my creative mind to keep moving forward in my pursuit of a career in acting. From school, to workshops I want to hone my craft to a skilful tool in my tool belt. I love making short films, and love doing small productions. No matter what the size if it is dealing with “the business” I am in.

Follow your dreams, kids, follow your dream.
– Some Famous Guy

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Born in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Kolby Tuck is an aspiring actor, model and musician studying theatre at Southern Methodist University. He has been acting for six years, training in voice, film and stage. From local short films to onstage musicals; Music has been a part of his life since he was the ripe age of 11, strumming on the guitar and singing songs to the neighbors.

Kolby has played numerous shows both in and outside of Dallas. From solo acts to full band ensembles, he likes to capture the emotion and story behind every song. You may remember him as an actor, musician or even as a picture face portrait but his goal in life is to be a one of a kind storyteller.

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