James Lake
Assistant Professor

Southern Methodist University
Economics Department
3300 Dyer Street
    Suite 301, Umphrey Lee Center
    Dallas, TX 75275-0496
Ph: 214-768-3274 


Ideas page


An empirical analysis of trade related redistribution and the political viability of free trade, with Dann Millimet (Southern Methodist University)

On the different geographic characteristics of Free Trade Agreements and Customs Unions, with Halis M. Yildiz (Ryerson)

Revisiting the link between PAC contributions and lobbying expenditures

      Dataset decomposing interest group campaign contributions across issues and interest group issue-specific lobbying expenditures across representatives

Dynamic farsighted networks with endogenous opportunities of link formation

Free Trade Agreements as dynamic farsighted networks

Why don't more countries form Customs Unions instead of Free Trade Agreements? The role of flexibility (previously titled "Dynamic endogenous formation of trade agreements: flexibility versus coordination")

Binding overhang and domestic political competition, with Maia Linask (U of Richmond)

On the near-equivalence of tariffs and quotas with collusive rent-seeking, with Maia Linask (U of Richmond)

Preferential Trade Agreements: an empirical network approach, with Angelo Mele (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Empirical determinants of binding overhang, with Maia Linask (U of Richmond)