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the art of life within the arts


Jess_Artisan_small_1A native Texan and an aspiring artisan, I am currently earning a double Bachelor of Arts in studio art and art history at Southern Methodist University. My love of the arts runs deep. I’m Jess-Marie. I have been a long-time artisan since I could hold a crayon, always honing my craft in my medium of choice.  I strive to continuously build upon my skills, becoming more innovative today than I was yesterday, always providing my clients with creative and unique designs; contributing to their successes. It is my success as well, that will open wide the doors to the art world for others, inspiring them to create a new journey and story. One that will change their lives drastically as it did  mine. The art world is never stagnant but ever evolving, and therefore, so should I be.

This year before I graduate, I will hold an exhibition, where the proceeds from all sales of my artworks are deposited into a fund strictly utilized as a scholarship fund for single moms who are in need of the extra scholarships during the academic year. My skills developed at SMU and my work produced as an artisan is to assist in the enabling of making dreams a reality. This body of artwork and the exhibition is in the works. If you are interested in helping single moms change their stars, giving them hope, please feel free to contact me.

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