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My Work Habits


My work habits…Some would say that I am too focused. Here is the layout of my day. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, go to school, and in between classes, I am studying and completing assignments. After the long school day, I hurry over to my work place, rush home, get dinner on the table and children situated, and work on assignments until I am done (which could be in the wee hours of the morning depending on the project and work load). This is a Monday through Friday ordeal. It’s how I live during the academic school year. Though, through the week, I will go to bed early as long as I have assignments knocked out, or desperately need more than four hours of sleep (it currently is 11:47 pm and I am completing this assignment, so there you go). How do I do it? I have no idea. I just know it has to be done. So that is just MY schedule. I try to maintain my focus on the task at hand, and sometimes will multi-task (especially when it comes to art projects where the gesso has to dry and what not). I put myself on a schedule. Every week in my planner, there is a list of assignments and date designated due. I try to make sure all assignments are completed ahead of schedule, not letting myself fall behind. If several projects are due (even ones with work), I will prioritize them according to difficulty of task. Easy ones that can be knocked out easily, I will do first (to clarify, I am not meaning guessing at answers or doing a poor job, but assignments that I am prepared for and know the material). The harder ones I will break into sections and address until done. Most of my major art projects are designated for the weekend where I have more hours to spend “in studio”. Once I am in the flow, I don’t like being interrupted. When I am “in studio”, I force myself to focus completely on the task and not let outside stimuli distract me (i.e. Facebook, T.V., etc). Depending on the mood of the project, I will play music and completely immerse myself into the art, only to resurface at the time I can take a break to reflect on my marks. That’s how things get done. So far, it’s pretty effective!

Author: Jessica Balli

A native Texan and long-time artisan, Jessica is currently earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in Studio Art and minor in Advertising at the prestigious Southern Methodist University.

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