Among my skills are the following:

My ability to sing and act. From the time I was very little, I knew that I could do something that not a lot of other people could. It was apparent from when we first did “plays” in elementary school; I clearly had a knack for this that not everyone did. I loved getting up in front of the parents and just going for it, another thing that most kids my age did not share.

My ability to interact easily with other people. Throughout high school, I was a member of many different and diverse groups. Whether these groups were diverse due to age, class (as much class difference as you can have within a poor public school), or race, I was always able to get along well with every group.

My ability to lead. Because of the ease with which I interacted with my classmates, I became a natural leader in whatever situation I happened to find myself in. And when the situation called for it, I was able to lead due to my singing and acting ability; this was especially apparent within our Thespian Troupe.


This week we are supposed to write about our personal values and work values.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not entirely sure what that means, BUT, I’m gonna do my best to figure it out.

For me, I personally value hard workers. That’s probably something that everyone values, though. If I had to guess, I’d say that I pretty much value what everyone else does. Integrity, humility, leadership. I wouldn’t say that any of those qualities is looked down on by my classmates. We probably all carry the same values as everyone else.

I also value people who want to get work done right in a timely manner. Dragging out a project won’t help anyone if the dragging out is done for naught. Do your job, do it quickly, do it correctly, and no one will have any problems. I haven’t ever heard someone complain that another person did their job too efficiently. And if anyone does, it’s probably because they themselves are lagging behind and are being made to look bad because of the other person’s excellence.

So those are my values. Take care, y’all.

How Do I Work?

It is always a difficult process for me. Working, that is. Because a lot of the time, I have problems becoming self-motivated. When it is something I really believe in then, for sure, I’ll get it done and done well, but when it’s more of a boring task to be completed, I have problems getting started.

We talked in FACE about the idea that self-motivated people are far more likely to succeed. So if I want to succeed, does that necessarily mean that I MUST become self motivated? Don’t know.

Also, I find that I work better when I have some kind of music playing in the background. I try to make it something that I don’t know the words to, because I’ll get distracted very easily by lyrically interesting songs. Lately, I’ve been listening to classical music. That seems to do the trick. However, dubstep has also shown successful results. Not too much thinking involved in dubstep.

I also like to have a specific place to work. Back home, it was on the couch with the TV on, Sportscenter on mute. These days, it’s at my desk in my dorm room. Sportscenter is still on. Muted. Old habits die hard, I guess.

That’s my method I guess. Music that doesn’t require a lot of participation by the listener, specific place, muted Sportscenter. Take care, y’all.

My Theatre History

The first *real* show I ever did, that is to say it was not a recital performed by my elementary school, was Fiddler on the Roof in the 6th grade where I played Fyedka. However, the next four shows I was in were merely dance recitals as the school saw it to be more fit to not put on a show with an actual plot, much to the chagrin of a young me. However, in my 8th grade year, the higher-ups decided it was time for another show with a story and characters and we put on a production of Into the Woods in which I played The Baker. From there, I moved into the wonderful world of high school theatre.

In high school, I was a part of 27 different productions, which sounds incredible until you realize that my school would do 5-6 a year, every year. We did both straight plays and musicals and, though we never advanced very far, also competed in the UIL One Act Play competition.

High school theatre was a huge contributing factor to my dreams and aspirations in life. Going in, I wanted to be a Sportscaster on ESPN, working alongside men like Kirk Herbstreit on college football game broadcasts. Life had other plans for me. At one point in the middle of my junior year, I realized that I could not go the rest of my time on earth without being on the stage; without performing for a real life audience whose reactions you can hear, see, and feel; without being a part of the bigger picture that is the theatre. I want to contribute to this amazing culture we are a part of in any way I can.

So, that’s my history. Take care, y’all.

You mean I write the title here?

I suppose this is where I should be writing my first post. I wonder if by mentioning this is, in fact, my first post that it makes it typical of most of the students making their own site. No matter.

I’ll start with a little bit about myself. I was born in Houston, Texas on February 17th, 1995 to Bill and Jennifer Rodgers. From there, I attended Pine Shadows Elementary, then Cornerstone Academy, then Spring Woods High School, and now Southern Methodist University. While in high school, I was in 27 different productions, my favorite roles being Caldwell B. Cladwell in Urinetown, Britt Craig in Parade, The Scarecrow in The Wiz, Huckleberry Finn in Big River, Dacron in The Clumsy Custard Horror Show, and Jamie Wellerstein in The Last Five Years.

My plan after college is to become a high school theatre teacher in my hometown of Houston. I wouldn’t want it any other way.