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My Skills

The other day I actually found out in class that I am very skilled at drawing perspective drawings, which I am very proud of. I took classes on how to draw the “classical” way for 2 years. In these classes I learned and then practiced over and over again drawing perspectives of 3D objects. This skill translated into helping me become more successful in drawing, painting and other 2D mediums. While I do find ceramics, which is a 3D art form, rather hard, I do feel like I can easily come up with an idea for a piece thanks to my years of practice of drawing this way.
That was just an example of one of the skills that I have acquired so far, however some skills I would still like to acquire would be maybe to be more open in terms of assignments. Sometimes when I hear what the assignment is I immediately either dread working on it or can’t wait to start on the project. An example of this that comes to mind first is, for one of my art class this semester I started the course with working in ceramics and then the second half, which I am currently in. When I had to work in cermaics I was very unmotivated to do the assingments because I not only had much experince in the medium but also the porjects did not inspire me. However, now that I am done with that section, and have moved on to working with drawing again, I have noticed that I am more eager and motivated to work on the assignments for class. While I did get high grades in the section for ceramics in the end, I still yet have to acquire to put aside by biases and unwillingness to push myself to work on the project.

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