Helen Rieger

My values

When I think of the word values like most people my first thought is about religious and family values. But for me I don’t think these two categories describe my priorities. Right now I think my values consist of working hard towards my future career. The grades I now get in college give me cause to think about my future and about continuing my education in graduate school. One of the main reasons I am interested in furthering my education is because it will ensure getting a good paying job and I also feel like I will better able to specialize in a field that I find the most fascinating. I guess that’s one family value that I have learned from my parents: how important it is to take advantage of learning and growing in any field of study. I think this value can be easily integrated into my own work with art. I want the art that I create to matter to society as a whole. That is what I value most in my own work. Once I have accomplished this I think the integration of my values and my life will lead me to a very content life.  Fame for myself is not what I want to work towards or put much value in; I find it more important to work for social justice, like worker rights and environmental causes, and to make these issues known to the public.

Those are just some of the values I hold for my future, but some values are also personal and work related. In terms of my work, I think that doing my best, pushing myself, and working hard are all the most important values to stand by in both my academic and art courses. As for personal values, I think right now it is most important for me to not limit myself neither socially nor academically.

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