Motivation – I’m thankful for my arms

I am really thankful for my arms.

This is because my arms are what are responsible for giving people hugs.

I want to help people feel something. I think that might be why I am such a huggy touchy-feely person. I want to make others feel good about themselves. I want them to know that they are valued and know that I care about them. A hug just makes you feel better. No matter how good or awful your day was – and no matter if you are a hugger or not.

As far as school goes, grades are very important. However, I am more motivated to do well because I don’t want to dissapoint my professor or my teacher. If I don’t do well, or if I am having a rough time, or I am turning in something a little bit late, I feel bad. Just absolutely awful, because not only am I (a) not learning what I’m supposed to, but I also (b) Am letting down whoever is teaching me. And honestly, option B is more of a motivation that option A. although, I’m not going to lie, getting an A on a test feels pretty darn good.

My goal in my music. I want to make people feel something. I want them to feel happiness, or sadness, or joy, or awe, or anger. An emotion. Anything. Music can be such a release! Once I sang in a christmas recital. I think I might’ve been 13 or 14, maybe 15. I can’t really remember. But, I got up there, and I sang my song, and thought something like “well, that went better than I thought it was going to, I guess it was okay, I am relatively pleased with myself”. And then I looked at my audience of about 15 people. And about 10 of them were crying (including my parents, which I was slightly expecting, since sometimes my Mom cries when I’m having a voice lesson). I, Haley Stead, made someone cry because they thought what I did was beautiful! I didn’t think that that would even be possible for me. To make someone feel something so much that they would have a physical reaction to it.  I love that. Any concert or recital, I want people to feel it like that. I mean I don’t even have to know, but I want them to have that emotional connection to whats happening. I want to wrap them in a giant Hug of music (I am aware that that may be taken as cheesy, but think what you will – it is true).

One of my really good friends, Taylor, said to me “Haley, we could lock you in a room for who knows how long with just water and someone to hug and you’d be ok”. I think she might be right! I mean some food would be nice (I love food) but If I were to have one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be hugs. I could make people feel good about themselves and feel good about myself at the same time. I would have motivation right there in the room, to make that person -right there- feel something.


About Haley Stead

Haley is a Music Therapy and a soprano Voice Performance major at SMU. Haley wants to influence people with her love for singing, her passion for helping people and her joy for life to make the world a better place.
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  1. Taylor Gildea says:

    Oh my goodness this is my favorite post!!!! Yay Im in this one haha!!!! :) Haley these things make my day!

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