I’m a very relaxed person, I’m open to a lot and willing to figure things out, so I can handle most things. I always make sure to try to listen to those I’m working with and make sure that there is understanding and collaboration. I am however, prone to defending myself mildly when critiqued, but I’m working on it; internalizing what I’m being told and looking at my work from others perspectives. When I really like an idea though, I push for it. If I know something is right, or will work the best, I make sure it goes through. I think these things will make for a good basis for whatever I end up doing with my career. At this point it is impossible to know, I could be solely a freelance artist, or end up working in product development or design for a corporate company. I’m sure I will have my entrepreneurial moments, even when working for a larger company, times arise where free thinking ¬†and innovation are needed. Another dream career would be that of a museum curator or a leadership position like arts management or something of the kind. I need to work on taking criticisms, continue improving communication skills, staying open to differences in all sorts of situations and not being afraid of expectations set up for me.

Who knew tea was so interesting?

I had an assignment in my observation class to pick two things, mine being black tea and sketch book paper, and observe through a chosen process how they could be used. These are the results:

tea observation

My favorite iteration of this process was this one,

tea flowers

It reminds me of a bouquet of flowers, and it was a really nice surprise to sweep the tea leaves off the paper after they had dried and find this. Something so small and yet so complex.