My Plan

The reality of being an artist is so much less glamorous when you look at the income and the rejection-level. However, it certainly doesn’t discourage me from trying, mostly because I have always know that I want another job to supplement my income. Right now, all I know is that I want to go to law school. I would love to use my law skills to work in the entertainment business,  all the while continuing to audition for local work and singing whenever I can. I also know I want to teach privately. I enjoy working with talented, motivated people, and private teaching would let me pick up a little extra money, perhaps as I am working through law school.

To put my plan into action, I will take extra classes in writing, which will work towards my english double major. I also want to take the Law and the Arts course here in Meadows. That will give me some more insight on how I want to fit all my passions into a career plan.


This post is strange because it seems to be a combination of all the previous blogs, but with very little new material to be synthesized.

My skills:


Good with People



easily flexible




However, I need to work on making sure I can handle my own failure and get over it, instead of getting stuck and defeated. This trait makes it hard to work sometimes, because I’m so worried about getting it wrong that I make more mistakes.

As for how my skills will help me in my career, well, I know I want to go to law school, because I think it will be so much fun. I have enough fun just talking to my mom about it, that I don’t think not going is an option. But, I want to sing. I am a music major not necessarily because I feel the only way I want to make a living is through music, but that my life without constant music is meaningless to me. I can’t give it up, not even scale it back. I need the singing constantly, and I like the work that is going to make me really good and perhaps allow me to make it a career. I am just going to keep right on going and wait until I figure out exactly what I want.

Elevator Pitch Draft

So, here’s my first attempt. Feedback would be welcome!

I’m Gabrielle Ferrari, like the car, and I’m singer. Singing is my passion, and I’ve sung since before I can remember. But, I am also a HUGE nerd. I am actively pursuing a career in engineering and law alongside of my music career. This side of me has had such an effect on the way I view my art and how I would like to present myself. Thinking about music in a logical, left brained way has opened up the way I perform and how I appreciate music. I am an academic musician, and I want to connect with my audience in a way that not only is enjoyable, but also encourages them to think about music. Yet, I also love music for its own sake, the fun of singing and interacting with an audience. My style is varied, much like my interests. I am a soprano, and my strongest suit is classical, but I also love singing jazz standards and folk music, as well as musical theater. May I have your card so I can put you on my invite list for any events in which I am performing? And here is my card, in case any musical need arises!

My Motivations

Honesty, the reading prompts really bothered me this week( although I loved hearing about Stephen Colbert). While I certainly understand how being a strategic learner, or someone who learns to get the grade, can affect your ability to fully understand and enjoy the subject being studied, I don’t agree that this is such a bad way to be. If grades are how we measure competence in the academic world, then working to get a good grade seems to be the only intelligent way of working at all. If this was not how the system worked, then we would throw out a grading scale altogether and have pass/fail classes, or no grades would be given until the very last portion of the course, where deeper understanding may actually be measure. However, as long as the system remains in place, I will always try for good grades. You can understand all the concepts you want, but you won’t get into grad school if you have shitty grades.

That being said, myself, I am generally a combination of the deep and the strategic learner. I am generally so interested in every subject I take that memorizing anything or practicing for a test is not always a task. But, I care very deeply about grades, and I always have. Failure is an extremely hard thing for me to accept, and I am battling it now in a few of my classes. My background is simply not as strong in certain areas, and I am playing catch-up with talented people who have been doing this for years. I have an advantage in other areas that were emphasized in my training. This concept of failure is rather new. So far, I have rarely encountered something I couldn’t overcome with just a few practices. I was lucky, and now I am struggling. I also know, though, that I am here for all the right reasons. I love my art and that will see me through the extra work I need to do to catch up.


My Values

This particular assignment was hard to write. I find it easy still to separate all my parts (singer, engineer, justice-lover) because I still don’t know how I’m going to fit them all together into one cohesive package. But, I can answer the questions about my values while I’m figuring out my future.

The first few questions had to do with why I want to be an artist. Well, that has so many reasons. One, I love it, and because I love it, I want to be absolutely fantastic at it. I have often been more of a jack-of-all trades. I want to be a master in music. Grades and outside approval are very important to me, but I’d like to think that I would work just as hard if it was only me and the music. I value being around incredibly talented musicians. I cannot really express how thrilled I am to work with such talented people every day, people who are so dedicated that it almost puts my practicing (and I practice A LOT) to shame. I bow to them, and I want them to teach me everything I can.

I am conflicted about whether I would accept a perfect musical job, or any other kind of job, if it meant giving up all semblances of a normal existence. I want to travel, I want to sing every day, but I also want to be able to live out of a home, not just a suitcase. I am young, so I could handle that now, but eventually, I want to settle somewhere.

Another bit about me and my value system. I am not particularly religious, although I admire those who are. However, I do believe that there is some overarching power that flows throughout us. I don’t know if its an outside entity, or perhaps just the connection felt by being a human amongst other humans, but it certainly influences my art. Walt Whit really said it best in Leaves of Grass:
“I hear and behold God in every object, yet understand God
not in the least” 

Whitman really got it, the connection that all humans share. I feel that connection in music. That’s really why I do it. It’s the closest thing to religion I can really believe in. Music is both entirely human, human composed, and human performed, and entirely otherworldly. The dichotomy makes it beautiful.

What I want to art to accomplish is another hard one. I want to make people feel it. What I mean is that there is a sort of indescribable it that happens when I perform or hear really fantastic music. Everyone should be able to experience the it. The feeling is addictive. It gets you hooked on music for life, until, like me, you spend every cent on concert tickets, cds, music books. I want to get people hooked.

I think my values are fairly integrated, but I have so much growing left to do before I can really be sure of anything at all. I just keep searching for that it, that makes me so happy I’m alive to sing.

Work Habits

So, after I read these articles, I felt pretty good. For the most part, I do these things, and not just for music, for any kind of learning. I make up little tricks, or jokes to help me remember formulas or lyrics. Even though I can easily remember things, I am definitely going to keep up with making the connections. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve memorized something for a test, only to forget it later. Now I test my own memory. I force myself to write out my lyrics without looking at the music, or make up theory tests to practice. If a book offers extra practice tests, I try to do them timed. This method works, especially for memorizing music. I have to write everything out, look at the words and the translations and connect the two.

I thought the paragraph about multitasking was very interesting. I am definitely going to try that with music theory, voice practice and piano. Even though I recognize that they are all quite connected, I tend to practice as if they are separate entities, and set off specific blocks of time to handle each thing. So, next time I practice, I’ll try to switch between the three and see if it helps me learn, or make any new connections.

The second article included more suggestions that I will definitely try. I do not often write down my goals, either immediate or long-term. I will probably start keeping some kind of journal, just for myself to help figure out exactly what I want. I also have issues dealing with stress, and it can affect my singing.

However, I think I’m on the right track. I work hard, and I am willing to put in a lot of time. Hopefully these new ideas will help me be more efficient and effective.





An Introduction to My Life

To get this out of the way early on, I’ll start with my personal effectiveness scores.

Overall, I averaged around 2.5, or 3. I feel that I respond to feedback well, and I am very entrepreneurial. I am also a proficient writer and speaker, and I work well in groups, even though sometimes, I don’t like too.I also feel confident that I am courageous.  However, I am not always incredibly optimistic. I don’t give up very easily, but I tend to be incredibly hard on myself and my performances, and sometimes this makes me so frustrated when I can’t seem to listen to my own directions. I am working on it, and trying not to get too frustrated if things don’t work out exactly how I’d like them to.

So, on to a short bio. It’s a bit hard to write this, because, honestly, my memory is really bad. But it’s a start. I’ll probably revise, and add more as I get settled in to the blogosphere.

I grew up singing. I truly cannot remember any time in my life when I was not a singer. When I was seven years old, I wanted to be a doctor-singer-princess. I soon realized that becoming a princess was unlikely, and, after a single biology class, that being a doctor would never work, so I was left with singer. It’s pretty much been my  only constant dream ever since. I forced my adoring family to sit through recitals at the dinner table. I sang in class. I sang in the car. I sang at midnight, and then again when I woke up. I still do. Calculus has a soundtrack, and its generally Brahms art songs. Though I am a musician, I am also a huge math and physics nerd. I often can’t decide whether I want to try out for the Met, or be a petroleum engineer. So I sing through my physics problems and I sing the periodic table (yes, there is a song, and yes, its awesome). I also want to be a lawyer for the ACLU somedays. I love justice and I want to fight for it. So, when I feel lawyerly, I sing the Constitution.

But more about me, not just as a singer. I am extremely competitive in very specific areas. School is one of them. I didn’t start feeling this pressure until I was in high school, and it worked well for me. I often need deadlines to keep me focused, and I would set them for myself. I am trying to be quite good at everything I do, because I still don’t know exactly what that is yet. Sometimes it feels like I am running solely off of terror of not living up to potential. But, then I just sing, simply for fun, something silly or sad or pop, and I remember that I actually really like doing everything that I do. The same thing happens all the time for my other passions. I forget that I am supposed to be terrified of it, and remember that I love the subject for itself.

Sometimes I feel very torn between all my dreams. They reach far. I change my mind almost daily. Yet, singing is the constant. I can’t imagine a future with out me singing; it simply does not compute.

So, for now I just sing as much as I can, and wait for something to show me exactly what it is I’m meant to do with my songs, whether I will be on the stage, in a lab, or in a courtroom.


Hello Everyone!

Hi, y’all! As someone who has long been opposed to blogging in general, I felt tentative creating this site. I thought, “who cares what Gabrielle has to say?” Well, I certainly care, and I suppose someone out there could (this means you Mom and Dad). I have just started Music School (I’m excited, so the capitalization was necessary), and, what can I say, I”M THRILLED! However, having just started, and I mean just-unpacked-my-books-and-put away-my concert-blacks-just-started, I have little to report thus far. So, I’ll be back with more updates as time progresses.


Musically Yours