Graduate Economics Club


Graduate Economics Club is a social organization that is dedicated to the wellbeing of the Graduate Students in the Department of Economics. The club provides a place for students to share ideas and to engage in various social events.



Brown Bag Seminar

We hold Brown Bag Seminars for graduate students. The seminars are also participated and attended by the faculty members.


Seminars by Alumni

We also invite our distinguished alumnus for feature presentations. So far, we had Dr. Hiranya Nath (Sam Houston State University), Dr. Don Freeman (Sam Houston State University) and Dr. Laura Razzolini (University of Mississippi) for the year 2003-2004.


Christmas Party

Last year, GEC contributed to the departmental Christmas party.


Intramural Soccer

Organized by Dr. Thomas Osang, Under the name "Econ-Fire". GEC is a contributor of the soccer team.