Elevator pitch plan

Hello I am Feliza Vidaurri. I am studying studio art but am also open for commissions and assignments. By getting a dual major in both biology and studio art I can diagram pictures for lab use or for book creation. I also create original work that I have drawn over 300 comic pages for. I am flexible in my work but at least need a deadline to work around. I tend to work by myself but if a collaboration is planned I will not go against working with others.

Being an artist…

Being an artist I think this topic is important, the topic of motivation. The little video on the assignment was nice and interesting but it had more to do with motivation in work environment not art (not to say that art isn’t work but usually art is different).

For me, at least, when I find some motivation to draw something or come up with some plot I want to write it down. I more do it for myself because even if no one else enjoys the things that I draw at least I will be happy with it. Hey half the things I come up with comic-wise I do it in my own enjoyment so it is hard for me to see it as a job (since jobs are usually tended towards the will of others).

The assignment noted this too, that artists tend to motivate themselves (like I do) more than getting motivation from a company or school. Dancers and singers will only continue having their passions if they are motivated by themselves to do so, this is true of all artists.

This mostly hits true to me because I am still unsure if I am going to use art in a job I will have. I will major in it, but I am unsure if I will do anything with it (reasoning behind my dual major). So if that is my future any motivation to work on art would be motivation of myself.

My feelings of how the workplace might challenge me

In a future job and work place I know that it will be impractical of me to believe that I will be able to work around what is comfortable for me (being a studio artist and such is usually done on a schedule circled around the one doing the painting).

As the question asks, I think that I would be able to last with a company even if it does separate me from my family.

I know though, that I would not be able to work in an area that forces me into specific views because also know that I would not be able to control under their views as well. When it comes down to how I will act around other people I’m not sure. I guess it would depend on how out going or uptight they would be. I tend to like quieter people more but can also have fun with outgoing people even though it is more difficult.

Work habits of schoolwork and art projects

My goal is actually just to finish my work during school. I study when I feel that I am not doing good enough in a certain class but usually I miscalculate how good or bad I actually am in that subject. I fancy myself to be good at science but I just like it, doesn’t mean that i’m any good at it. In an art sense, I do doodle daily and keep up with what I want to get done with my art (for example if I am having trouble drawing a hand at a certain angle I will dedicate a page to it, take a break then come back to it) and I wish that I could only hold this enthusiasm for learning more in subjects that I feel like I lack in; like english or any generic studies.

The work habit articles didn’t really give me anything new to wright about, because I felt that they were merely made up of comments I hear all the time; like how exercising physically is supposed to help. I see how this works for people but hey I don’t like exercising. I really don’t know what else to say here, they want me to have a talk with myself and I feel like that is what I am doing.

Anyway my friends in the art classes said that we should put up some pictures I painted/drew and I think I might so that everyone gets to know where I am coming from.


This is actually my first time having a blog like this so I’m not really sure of how I’m supposed to run it. I am going into this hoping that I will become an art major so I’m sure that there will later be pictures of mine uploaded for all to see.

Now a little bit about myself; I’d like to say that I am interested in vastly studio arts but that would be untrue since I am much more interested with pictures that tell stories like comics or books. I can paint though.

I know that this FACE class and this blog are particularly here to help me be more present on the internet and make money, but this is not what I think I really want with this. I’m not sure if I just want to explore jobs with my other potential dual major, a science, and just do art in the free time or if I actually want to do something with it. So I can say that I am more looking foreword to learning techniques and styles of how to draw or paint a certain way more than taking this kind of class overall.

I guess having a blog is a good thing. Gosh I don’t even have a Facebook page I suppose I need to get one of those too.

As far as I know this blog will become like a journal to write about me. But I barely know where to start, since i barely view myself as being great enough to talk about when this blog should only be devoted to my art, right?

I don’t know… sighing off