Stephen Petronio

On November 16th I along with many other dance majors went to go and see Stephen Petronio’s production at the Winspear Opera House. I went with Gabi, Emily B, Alex, and Mallory and we were extremely excited because we had opera box seats that had wonderful view. We were so excited to see the performance because it has been so long were we have seen dance that has been a professional company. Unfortunately I will have to say though that I was severely disappointed in the performance that I saw. The technique that I saw was not were I thought the level would have been and I did not whatsoever understand the purpose and the stories behind any of the pieces. It seemed just thrown together and semi unprofessional. I loved the costumes though they were brilliant and put together very nicely but I wasn’t very happy besides that.

My Plan

I have many plans for myself in the future, I’m going to be a Rockette and once I’m done with that I will join a contemporary company or start my therapy career in a mental institution. These next four years will definitely prepare me for my years to come by training hard and really focusing in on what I want to do. The theory classes and technical class will prepare me for both my dance and psych career, I have a whole path lined out.

Minnie’s Food Pantry!

Emma Schultz


Minnie’s Questions


  1. What did I learn about Minnie’s and the community it serves?

I learned a lot from this experience, I learned how many people actually are in need. And that there are so many different types of people in need, some very unexpected.

  1. What is unique about Minnie’s Food Pantry?

What’s so unique about Minnie’s food pantry is the way it helps the various people. Also the quality of the food they are giving out and the amount they are giving out. Also the environment was so warm and welcoming; presentation is everything.

  1. What type of awareness would I like to raise in regard to Minnie’s Food Pantry?

I would like to raise awareness so that more people would volunteer; the amount of work it takes to run the pantry. Also their motto if you can’t feed a hundred feed just one. It doesn’t matter where you help all that matters is that others help those in need even if its just one. Spreading the word about small food banks.

  1. What have I learned about poverty and hunger in North Dallas?

I have learned that the poverty and hunger is everywhere! Even in very rich places, you can’t be fooled by peoples appearances; most people that were there are under 18.

  1. Why was this engagement important?

The engagement is important because you should give back to the community. There are so many groups involved that the possibility of bigger awareness is so great. They help you make you feel like you are making a difference.

  1. How can I use what I’ve learned through volunteering at the Food Bank to serve my art?

You have to be in the environment in order to understand it. To use these experiences to express your art but you have to go through the experience in order to really put yourself into it.

  1. What is the message I’d like to send out?

The message I want to send out is that everyone needs to become aware and help those in need. People need to know that not everyone is on their feet and that some need help for some time and they need to help no matter how little time they have. Anything they can give helps.

  1. How can dance be a vehicle to catalyze social-justice and social change?

Dance is a great way to spread the word about various ideas and movements. Dance can help others become aware of what is happening in various places near and around them.

Hope Show!

This past week has been the 2012 Fall Hope Show and it has been amazing! Emily and I have worked the sound with only a few glitches everything went smoothly. There were three pieces; a gorgeous ballet, an modern-sharp hitting jazz, and a steamy nightclub contemporary jazz. Out of these three my favorite would definitely be the last piece created by Bruce Wood accompanied by a live band. This piece takes place in the 1940s in a smokey nightclub with upbeat and dreamy pieces. The costumes and the lighting throughout the whole piece was just a much a part of it as the dancing and the music. There is a fantastic review by a very well know dance review.

This is my roommate and I when we went out to a Great Gatsby themed get together. The night club was decorated exactly like a night club in the 40s even with a smoke machine to set the mood. Everyone was in flapper dresses and tuxes and dancing, it was like a time warp!

New President!

On Tuesday Obama was officially declared the president again! Obama won out over Romney 332-206. Romney and his team came under intense fire of various insults and attacks ever since Obama was declared president. These attacks were from some of Romney’s donors, attacking the senior staff for not properly defending Romney from the Obama campaign. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next four years under Obama.

This photo I took reminds me a lot of some of the photos printed and posted of Obama in lots of major cities. I decided to recreate it and I didn’t realize how important the color of the background is.


Dancing in the Dark

This is called Dancing in the Dark and was choreographed by the two people dancing in it. I think its an extremely interesting piece of work from the costume to the lighting and even to the movement. I didn’t know what to expect at first but I really liked their style of movement and the clever choreography. At some points it almost looks like they are moving in fast forward, I have tried to figure out whether or not it is in fast forward or edited some how but I have come up with nothing. Even though this may not have been something they thought about when doing all of the technical aspects of the piece but I like how pale she is, it works with the choreography and the lighting. This would be an interesting duet to try and continue the style with the sharp and the smooth movements work so well together and there are pauses in the right places. I really like this piece and look forward to seeing more of their work.

Hurricane Sandy

Over 8 states have declared a state of emergency because of the nearing hurricane Sandy. This hurricane has already been through the caribbean and has left 40 people dead. Many people close to the beach have been evacuated due to the rising water levels.  All across the east coast people are preparing for the storm by stocking up on supplies and boarding up windows and even doors. Many different states have shut down public transportation in preparation of the storm. Currently hurricane Sandy is 485 miles southeast of New York City with winds at 75 mph. Most schools have announced that they are closed for at least Monday and will keep a watch on the storm to see if more days will be canceled. They are nicknaming the storm “Frankenstorm” it will be very interesting to see if it as bad as they are saying its going to be.