I was born and raised in Texas, coming from a dysfunctional, like many, family that had a great number of problems with not only financial security, but moral values as well.

I was born in Arlington Texas, and went through multiple custody battles. I have moved 24 times all within the Great state of Texas, and it was all due to a lack of financial responsibility and ignorance. Seeing all that I have seen, which most haven’t for my age, I took what good I saw, and held onto it, while I used the terrible examples of people around me to know what NOT to do. I would notice things that most kids wouldn’t within the adult world, like how backstabbing people were to each other, including within my family most of all. I would notice how one would try to take advantage of the other, or if one felt uncomfortable, they would make everyone else feel the same way.

This can be confusing as a child, who is supposedly absorbing everything to its brain like a sponge. But I was able, by the grace and wisdom of God, to discern between the nonsense, and the things that were sensible.

When I got into middle school, I was hesitant at first, but after speaking with my brother, he convinced me to join the choir, because the teacher was excellent and hilarious.

I stuck with choir throughout the many middle schools and high schools that I attended, and finally during my senior year, something hit me. I decided that I was going to do something with my voice, since I had been told by many that I was gifted. My choral Director, Gordon Ivers, started paying for my first year of voice lesson my senior year out of his own pocket to a wonderful lady named Flicka Rahn. She taught me what I needed to know in order to attempt to become a music student. I was unaware of the audition process and I was blessed to have her help me learn three classical Solos, which gained me admittance to the prestigious SMU.

I want to spread beautiful music and share it with people all over the world, so I can reach out and share something with them. I strive to create a legacy for my family, and my descendants so that they don’t ever have to experience the “nonsense” that I experienced. I want there to be security for my children, and I want to create an environment that they can flourish in.

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About Dylan Twaddle

Born and raised in Texas, I sing opera to spread the beauty that is music. I strive to create a foundation for my future and for the future of my children so that they may have the great things that i did not.

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