JaceCovington   Jace Covington is an actor, graphic artist, and musician from Garland, TX. Who is currently studying theatre at Southern Methodist University. His entertainment career  began very early when he started making funny faces in the bathroom mirror as a child. His love for the theater exploded like a thousand-megawatt bass cannon during his first high school play, A Christmas Carol, after which he never stopped acting. He loves bringing joy  (or heart-wrenching, agonizing sadness, depending on the show) to an audience and working with his fellow actors to bring a story to life.

DJ BIO: DJ Neenyo (Jace Covington) is an up-and-coming producer and DJ from Garland,TX, USA. He has rocked crowds ranging from house parties to numerous clubs and raves in the DFW area to the world-famous House of Blues in Dallas, TX. He is passionate about bringing the harder styles of dance music to the forefront. His specialty is hard dance, hard trance, hardstyle, and goa with the occasional funky electro and liquid dubstep. Onstage, expect thundering bass and assaulting synths matched with playfully insane stage antics. Offstage, DJ Neenyo is a mad scientist in the studio, experimenting with fat, aggressive basslines coupled with epic, heroic-sounding, air-trembling melodies. His mission is to stamp out the rage and bring back the rave. The Neenyo is coming…Expect him.

Video Elevator Pitch

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