End of the Semester

It has been a long and cumbersome semester full of struggles and heartbreak, yet also of learning more about myself and growing in leaps and bounds. FACE class has helped me realize that life is tough for an artist, and yet when we are so inspired by the world around […]

Elevator Pitch (FIRST DRAFT)

Do you like art? What do you think art is? My name is Dalton Fowler, and personally, I believe art is anything meant to imitate humans, whether it be our thoughts, our actions, or lives or lack thereof. Art is man trying to understand himself. I feel that the art […]


My motivation to create art comes almost always from others. While many say that motivation comes from oneself, and that the people who truly succeed are those who don’t need others to do good work, I believe that others are the fuel that causes self motivation. Looking at others succeed […]


There are many values that I hold as unbreakable, things I could never turn my back against. These values include but are not limited to: family, belief that all humans are created equal, and that all humans are created, not just bursting forth into existence. I feel that these values […]

First Real Acting Exercise in DAT Class

Today we had our first real acting exercise in our DAT Class. We had to do an exercise where we came from somewhere of our own imagination into a room, where we had to have a specific action, complete the action, and then leave the room again.The only requirements were […]

First Post, Ya’ll 1

I’m super excited to get to SMU and get to know all of you! Well, most of you at least. I’m from Simpsonville, South Carolina, so Southern Methodist University is quite the trek for me to make. Oh well, still excited.