My Plan

The most likely career path for me is pursuing a job as a full time professional trumpet player in a major orchestra. The only freelancing I intend to pursue professionally is teaching lessons, to whomever wants to learn from me. I would also be interested in procuring a job at a University, and teach trumpet there, and inspire other musicians to make their hobby a profession.


The thing that motivates me the most is that I want to share my art and my unique musical perspective with everyone around me. I really love what I do. I love playing trumpet, and I can’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life. That doesn’t mean I am not good at anything else, I just don’t WANT to do anything else. Nothing makes me happier than playing and practicing and living my instrument. I am just a musician seeking happiness.

Work Values

I value sharing my knowledge and passion with people who care about music and performing just as much as I do. The desire to inspire people to be a part of something bigger than themselves, like music, is the biggest motivating factor in my career. I don’t really have a desire to be famous, or a desire to be rich. I just want to be happy and share my happiness with everyone around me.

Work Habits

I always operate better when I am well fed, rested, and stress free. I don’t like practicing after drinking caffeine ( it’s dehydrating), or immediately after I wake up because I don’t feel like my mind is working at a 100 percent yet. I have a very specific practice schedule, but within that set frame, I never practice the same exact way twice. I generally break my practice session, excluding rehearsals, into three manageable chunks each day. This keeps me from feeling stressed about practicing, and it also doesn’t wear me out and lead me towards developing bad practice habits. When I wake up, or at the soonest opportunity ,I have my morning warm-up session which lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of playing I plan on doing that day. I take a significant break (at least two hours) and then have my fundamentals and technical session. I rest an even longer amount (three or four hours) and then practice all my lesson assignments. Even though I may practice the same etude every day, I make sure to practice it differently every day so my brain learns TONS of different patterns associated with the music. Wether I skeletalize the music, sing it, play it on the piano, buzz it, off beat rhythms, or play it backwards, I’m always finding new ways to practice the same line. I also try to practice when I’m in not so good conditions. I try to occasionally practice performing under stress or exhaustion, because i recognize that I will not always be lucky enough to be in my ideal performance situation. Overall I am very disciplined in my practice sessions, but I’m not afraid to take a day off every now and then either. Sometimes I have found that a day off the horn has benefitted me more than a day of practicing would have. The most important thing about my work habits that I have found is that if I don’t enjoy what I’m doing to an extent, then I will never truly be successful at it. Even though fundamentals may not be the most fun thing to practice, I see the benefit and enjoy doing the necessary woodshedding to perfect my playing. Overall, in everything I put effort into, I just try to have fun.

My history.

I was born on March 19, 1995 in Houston, Texas to Cindy Shinn and Wade Cox. Growing up, I was always surrounded by music. I started playing piano at the age of six, but by the time I turned ten I decided I wanted to be a rock star and picked up the guitar instead. When sixth grade band class came around I was told to play the trumpet, despite the fact that I had little to no interest in the instrument whatsoever. I stuck with it though and only trued to quit a couple times throughout middle school. When high school rolled around, I realized that I was actually decent and began to practice and consistently outperform my peers. My sophomore year of high school I made TMEA all state and came to the realization that I wanted to play the trumpet everyday for the rest of my life. I am now studying Trumpet Performance and Music education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in the studio of Tom Booth. I hope to one day perform in a major symphony orchestra, as well as teach trumpet at the collegiate level.