Elevator Pitch rough draft

“To make a statement is one thing, but to act on it is another”. I’m Desiree.I am a studio artist who merges my love for psychology with my love for art. ┬áMy artwork is meant to make people think of the world in more abstract ways and to create empathy and sympathy through drawings. Art is a great way to express emotion and speak for those who don’t speak up. I also have a plan to change the course of failure in troubled youth by setting up an organization that teaches kids to express their emotions through artistic means. If you wish to learn more or contact me, here is my business card.

2 thoughts on “Elevator Pitch rough draft

  1. I like it, especially your idea for helping troubled kids. I think that makes it very strong. One thing I would say is that the quote just kind of “hangs” there. I’m unsure if its necessary or if it would really be appropriate, but that would depend on the situation.

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