My Skills

Skills I have: I am imaginative, creative, skillful, flexible, adaptable, collaborate, focused, and dedicated.

Skills I need to acquire: I need to get more connected with arts organizations and major orchestras, become more savvy, and understand the workings of a fundraiser.

Plan: To get these skills that I need to acquire, I will take classes at school such as the arts management courses to obtain a better knowledge of the inner workings of an orchestra and how to fund it. I will also go to more musical events to meet more people and make new connections. I will also try to become more savvy. I would also like to study abroad to have cross-cultural experiences within the arts.

Elevator Pitch

Do you know what keeps an orchestra from falling apart? It’s not the musicians, but the people behind the scenes. My name is Clara Loeb. I’m a viola player from Houston, Texas and I have a passion for music. I want to take my passion and use is for a completely different aspect of music. My dream in life is to be involved in orchestral management, which is really what keeps an orchestra running. I love the idea of making an orchestra the best that it can be and I personally believe that my extensive background in music and my dream of helping an orchestra improve makes me the right person for the job.


I am motivated to work in the morning and in the evening. I am motivated by thinking about the satisfaction I will feel when I am done working and knowing that I will improve by working. I get distracted really easily, especially by movement and sounds. I also really get distracted by people and when I am trying to concentrate, I tend to want to be distracted even more. Phone do affect me as well so I try to go to a place where I cannot access the internet if I do not need it to work. Distractions are what prevent me from accomplishing tasks. Instead of wanting to get good grades, I want to improve and try to learn instead of just get by.

My Values

I believe that grades are extremely important and are definitely important. They are a part of what will get me further in life. I can definitely be a competitive person if I want to be. I think that my desire to challenge myself and improve makes me a competitive person. To me, being the best isn’t everything and I think that that is part of the personality of a violist. I believe that violists are for the most part good-natured people who aren’t extremely competitive. Fame and money are also not as important to me as other people. I personally believe that my values can definitely be integrated in my art and my life because what I want to do with my life does not allow for much competitiveness.


Work Habits and Motivations

When I practice my instrument, I like to pretty much lock myself in a practice room with no cell phone service, and focus as much as possible. I’m the type of person that gets distracted easily, so when there are people around me that I know and talk to, it is really hard for me to focus. I also like to take breaks while I’m practicing because playing for multiple hours is not something that can be easily done for me personally. Changing activities keeps me from waisting too much time on one thing or just spending too much time on something. I like to try to practice for the same amount everyday to keep a sort of order. I practice in a certain order, starting with scales, moving to etudes, and finishing with solo repertoire. I keep to that order to allow myself a certain amount of time on each part of practice.

To relieve stress, I personally believe that physical activity is best. Getting up and moving around really helps me think and lets me feel like i’m not lazy. Setting goals and rewarding yourself for working hard is a great way to stay motivated. It keeps me from getting bored with what i’m doing and keeps me pushing forward.

My History

I started out on violin when I was 6 years old. I remember telling my first grade teacher that I was so excited to learn to play. Throughout my time on the violin, I was taught the Suzuki method. I also played in my school orchestra starting in 7th grade. In 9th grade, my orchestra director asked me if I would like to play viola for our school orchestra. I decided to do so and take private lessons for viola as I continued to play the violin. In the middle of the year, I realized that it would be best if I chose one instrument as my primary instrument. This was a tough decision for me, but in the end I chose the viola! I switched to viola in my youth orchestra as well and my very first concert was playing side-by-side with the Houston Symphony on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. It was a memorable experience that made me love the viola even more. Starting with the summer after 10th grade, I did musical programs each summer. After 10th grade, I went to Tours, France to play in the “Orchestre des Jeunes du Centre” for two weeks, where I improved my french, learnt french musical terms, and improved my viola playing. The summer after 11th grade I went to Interlochen Summer Camp for the Arts, a six week program that not only improved my musical skills, but also allowed me to learn more about other art forms. Playing with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and participating in Advance String Quartet made me completely realize that I wanted to major in Viola Performance in college.

I chose the viola because I consider it to be the most beautiful of the string instruments. It changed my perspective on music and made me realize what I wanted to do with my future. If I hadn’t chosen the viola, I wouldn’t have had all the opportunities that I would have had if I had stuck with the violin.

Hello world!

Hi, I’m Clara Loeb and I am so excited to be a part of Southern Methodist University’s Class of 2017 and the Meadows School for the Arts! I am majoring in Viola Performance.