Mad Skills

Being a musician, I have developed many skills over the years. These include: an improved ear for tuning, the ability to listen for things non-musicians can’t, technique on the bassoon and contrabassoon, reed making, improved piano technique, and improved music theory abilities. These skills are very useful when applied directly to my life as a music performance student. Recently, I decided to change my double major to Music performance and Music Education. I realized that many of my aforementioned skills could also be applied to the education side of music. However, I also realize that I am going to need to learn many more skills from an education standpoint before I graduate. For instance: how to work with students younger than I, classroom management, conducting, pedagogy for other instruments, marching band, ect. The point is, there is much that I do not know as of yet. I know that in years to come I will learn these many new skills as I start work on my new double major. I am excited for this because I know that the music education abilities that I will learn will compliment my existing skills as a musician and make me better as a whole. My plan is simple: Keep my grades up in all of my classes each semester so that I won’t have to retake any classes and put myself behind on the music education track. This will hopefully allow me to graduate in the average nine-semester time frame. As far as skills that need to change, the only ones that come to mind are reed making, bassoon/contrabassoon technique, and time management. Honestly, change isn’t even a good verb to use. I think improve is a better one. I am thrilled to see what changes the next four years will bring to my life and to my abilities as a musician and as a teacher.

~ Chris

10 thoughts on “Mad Skills

  1. Jose Bowen

    These are good, and I like “improve” although I don’t think life is always that linear. Sometimes you have to risk some change to see something new.

    Are there other skills, perhaps “life skills” or career management skills you might use? You might need to interview for a school job, so interview skills? How about negotiating for a salary? If you teach private lessons, you might need some web skills or some management. What will be your lesson cancellation policy? Will you do all that or put it on your website? Some childhood development or psych? Marketing? Will you need contracts for your students? Just things to think about. You don’t have a lot of electives inthat double major, but there are some UC courses that will double or triple count!

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