When it comes to schoolwork, I get my motivation from imagining myself getting a good grade and the satisfaction that comes with knowing that I did a good job.  However, this motivation can sometimes be hard to find and focus on if the schoolwork is offbeat to my interests. I think that this is why I generally do better in music related courses as opposed to other general education classes. As a musician, my motivation for practicing is derived primarily from knowing that I will get better if I practice long enough and with the correct habits. Doing a task, no matter what it is, is much easier if you actually take pride and pleasure in doing it. I love playing the bassoon and I love it even more when I have the opportunity to sound good. Practice is the only way to sound better so I don’t usually complain about it. And besides, there’s no feeling like the one you get when you finally nail a hard passage that you’ve been at for hours! Right now, I am practicing the Hummel Bassoon Concerto in preparation for the Meadows undergraduate concerto competition. (I highly encourage you guys to give it a listen if you are not too busy as it is a wonderful but devilishly difficult bassoon concerto. Here is the link to an awe-inspiring performance by European player Dag Jensen. ) Due to the concertos incredible level of difficulty, practice on it requires steadfast focus, determination, and above all patience. There are many passages in it that are borderline impossible, demanding perfect technique and a style of playing that does not come easily on bassoon. Yes, it does try my patience at times, but the ideal end result of a mastered concerto and a performance that I will be proud of, no matter the outcome, makes all the effort completely worth it in the end.

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