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Cort's Candy Counter


Cort's Candy Counter displays all of the best and most erotic candies in the world. Cort's Candy Counter was first opened on July 15, 2003. Cort Hoge, the founder, wanted to change candy stores for the better. He wanted more than just the candy shelf at your local gas station. So he got a loan from the bank and opened up his own little shop. The store became popular with the locals and so he expanded. Cort's Candy Counter is now the number 1 ranked candy store according to Candy Magazine.

You will never leave unhappy!

CEO- Cort Hoge email= choge[at]smu[dot]edu

National President- Frank Otis phone= 555-555-7777

Frank Otis

Assistant Manager- Lebron James IV  phone=555-555-8685

Employee of the month= Paul McCoy phone= 555-555-6573

Paul McCoy

Frank Otis III has been an employee of Cort's Candy Counter for five years. He doesn't know what he plans to do in the future but he has decided to open and manage his own Cort's Candy Counter in Oakland. He is going to name it Frank's Fudge Factory.

Paul McCoy has been an employee of Cort's Candy Counter for 3 years. He plans to open up his own Chain of Candy stores in Oregon and name it McCoy's Munchy Mountain.

Lebron James IV is Lebron James' Sister's cousin's dog's groomer's best friend. He plan's to take his career to the basketball floor in the NBA after he retires but no one is interested in signing him.

Cort's Candy Counter also hosts birthday parties!

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