My Skills

Besides the necessary musicality I have to be here, I believe my skill of being clean and organized helps me succeed very much. We always see someone say, “I stayed up late and didn’t get my work done. I’ll bring it tomorrow.” In the real world this attitude can absolutely destroy one’s success and income. So being able to control my tasks as an individual is one of the most beneficial skills I could have no matter what profession. Though being friendly and supportive isn’t necessarily a skill, I feel it is absolutely important in being a teacher to any age group. One skill I really wish to learn though is to be able to pace my own time in work and practice. I kind of have an ADHD behavior, so control in that would be a blessing. Thanks for reading.


My Motivations

My motivations come from the fear of failure. I wish to be successful and happy, but if failure creeps through, I lose my wishes of being content with my future. Every note, every phrase, and every action must be spot on. I strive for perfection on and off of the stage. I strive for moving performances, and productive, efficient, punctual work. I believe having those qualities creates the staircase to becoming the artist we all wish to be, but sometimes obstacles interfere. Some of these obstacles include maintenance of social life, emotion problems, and many day to day anxieties such as multi-tasking and stress. Even though these problems can be catastrophic, if your motivation is strong enough, you can triumph.

-Thanks for the view,


My Values

Don’t get me wrong, I value many things, but I wish not to ramble on the many values one has, and focus on creating a simple way to encompass all of them. Doing something you love with the people you love. I believe this is what everything boils down to. You will never put forth the extra mile for something you care for adequately, and people you despise. Happiness is the upmost important thing in life, which finding love in life enhances. It is important to work hard and maintain drive, but being near the love is what will take you the extra mile and create a change. Even though so many other values exist, I believe this one is the most important. We can talk all day about diligence, respect, honor, and so many other things. Life is shaped around those ideas and values yes, but with love comes all of those.

Thanks for reading,


Work Habits and Motivations

They say perfect practice makes perfect. I try to achieve my best in every single repetition of an exercise, and keep the repeats to a minimum. Repetition can hurt, but that is what separates the grown from the young. I always strive to push through when things are hard, and I always work hard even when the tasks are simple. These things are hard to do by yourself when no one moderates your progress, but that has never been the case for myself. I love driving myself and pushing myself to the edge to create the best for myself and others. The motivation to become successful is huge for me. You should never fall short of your dream and the steps it takes to get to those dreams.

Thanks for reading,


My Musicial Past

This all began when I wanted to make a rock band back when I was young. I wanted to learn all the instruments needed in a rock band (electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and keyboard). I didn’t have the money to take lessons, so I self taught myself, and tried my hardest to succeed in this craft of being the next Jimi Hendrix or Neil Peart. We can now say that I didn’t become a god of rock, but I believe I have found something better.

I joined the area band program in the 6th grade beginning on euphonium. At first, I almost didn’t join the music program, but at the last minute an instructor told me last minute about this opportunity to be in the band. So I almost missed out on the best thing to happen in my life.

With elementary studies and junior high over, I reached high school. I was a freshman just joining marching band. Almost immediately, I met the senior drum major, his name was Max. He significantly expanded my world in music. It was like being an infant again, absorbing everything he had to say. His mentoring made me who I am today, and influenced me to work for the best, achieving All-State ,Head Drum Major, and being at Meadows now. I couldn’t thank him enough for the stepping stones to push myself to be successful, someone I’m proud to be.

-Thank you for reading.


First Post

Let’s say first off that I’m so excited for SMU! I’m glad to be a part of the community and great tradition it takes to be a mustang! On the other note, I will be using this site to share experiences through my journey to become a music teacher. Hope you wish to follow me!

-Bryce Cantrell