Tips for the Application

Here are some tips for sending in an excellent application! 
1). Check your spelling. 
2). Check your grammar.
3). Check everything again! You are typing the application this year, which means it is very easy to make a mistake! 
4). READ THE DIRECTIONS. If you cannot follow our simple directions, this will cause the AALEC board to think you are not taking AALEC seriously, leading us to not take your application seriously. 
5). This is a serious application; please imagine you are writing a professional academic application. Mistakes such as "i'm" or "im" instead of "I'm" ("I am" is more acceptable truthfully) say that you do not consider AALEC seriously, leading us to not take your application seriously.
6). Do be yourself! 
7). Adding in a few inside jokes or fun statements such as "I love group 1!" in the additional comments are welcomed. We love to hear that you love AALEC. 
8). Feel free to email if you have any questions about AALEC or the application! 
10). Have fun! 

Side notes:
- Please be courteous and respectful if your application is denied.